Bing Is Live & Getting Unique Coverage

bingMicrosoft’s new search engine (or “decision engine” as the Bing team calls it via their Twitter profile) is now live at Early adopters already had a chance to preview/review Bing last week. So this launch has left bloggers coming up with more creative ways of covering the release.

Loic Le Meur (of Seesmic fame) thought the best test would be to search for himself followed by a search for sex. TechCrunch, in their infinite wisdom, followed Loic’s lead and pointed out just how cool the video preview feature of Bing is when it comes to searching/watching porn.

You see, Bing presents search results for videos as thumbnails that auto-play when you hover over them. So you can watch lots of videos (of any kind) without ever leaving Bing. Unique coverage of a great feature.

Whatever the case, it’s nice to see Microsoft getting some good press (such as this endorsement) not only with Bing but also with a half a dozen other recent releases.

*Update* Michael Arrington has a good run down of user first impressions in his post titled “Apparently Bing Is Something Of A Hit.” Also, see below for a short video introduction which covers most of Bing’s best features.