Silicon Alley Insider Embellishes WSJ Headline In Attempt to Steal Page Views

How do you like my title? It came from a Wall Street Journal article entitled “Microsoft Plans Shake Up” which Henry Blodget of Silicon Alley Insider linked to, added an intro that added nothing new, and then added quite the Google-bait headline of “Microsoft Shaking Up Entertainment Group In Desperate Attempt To Catch Apple And Google”.

Now, full disclosure, I work for Microsoft but not in this division. And I have nothing to do with whatever this story is about. It seems like an interesting scoop for the WSJ, but Blodget’s title is tricking Techmeme into thinking it should be the leader story. So as a fellow blogger, I thought I’d one up Mr. Blodget with an equally exciting title of my own and a piece of advice:

As the New York Time reminded us recently, bloggers love using the embellished title technique. But you gotta pick one or the other. Either leave out the embellishment and be an echo chamber OR embellish and add something substantial. But don’t embellish and say nothing. There’s a word for that: spam.

*Update* I contacted Henry Blodget to let him know my opinion on this. He responded quickly and let me know that he dropped the word “desperate” from his title. Kudos. I’ve done the same.

*Update 2* TechFlash has the latest on the “shake up” (via Techmeme).