My $.02 on Apple’s Response to Microsoft’s Response

So in case you missed it, Apple responded to Microsoft’s new “I’m a PC” ad campaign. You can watch the ads on Youtube via Gizmodo and TechCrunch (or a whole bunch of other places). I was discussing this with a friend / coworker last night and thought I’d share my thoughts here:

…makes a decent point even if a bit hypocritical. I mean, Apple is all about pouring the millions into marketing/advertising. When we do it, of course, it’s because we’re misallocating how our money is spent (according to them). But when they do it, it must be justified. Right. Well, here’s my reallocation advice for Apple: use some of those millions in advertising to make a computer that’s affordable for once. You see? It’s not that hard to second guess how another company spends money.

Interesting that I wrote this before seeing Gizmodo’s take, which is basically the same:

There’s also the minor matter of Apple accusing Microsoft of spending money on advertising that would be better allocated to fixing Vista. The message, of course, is delivered in an expensive advertising campaign, the week after Apple released brand new, prohibitively expensive laptops.

But, of course, Gizmodo doesn’t work for Microsoft. So when they say it, it sounds more credible.