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Netflix Eliminating Profiles: Tells Us We Don’t Own Our Data

Last night Netflix sent out an email (full text below) explaining that it will be getting rid of profiles. For those unfamiliar, the profile feature allows one account to have multiple profiles. For example, you could pay $13.99 to get 2 DVDs at a time sent to your addresss but have one DVD come from your queue of chosen movies while the other DVD comes from another queue of movies.

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Blu-ray Movies Now Affordable. Players? Not So Much.

An Amazon promotion good through June 9 has over 100 Blu-ray movies in the $14 to $20 range (with many around $14-$15). I thought this would be a good time to revisit getting into Blu-ray. The last time I checked out Blu-ray pricing on Amazon (my quick and dirty benchmark), the Playstation 3 was still the best deal.

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Blockbuster Offers to Buy Circuit City

Wow. There’s plenty of buzz surrounding Blockbuster’s offer to buy Circuit City. Blockbuster’s reasoning is full of the usual business jargon: cutting costs, benefiting from complementary products, exploiting the growing convergence of media content and electronic devices, etc. All this will result in a “game-changing retail concept with a sustainable competitive advantage.”

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Why Blockbuster Total Access Doesn’t Work

Blockbuster Total AccessIn theory, Blockbuster has a better offering than Netflix in that it “lets you rent online with the flexibility to exchange movies in-store, so you never have to wait for a movie.” That is, according to the marketing pitch plastered all over its homepage. But I decided to see just how “total” Total Access is, and I found it pretty lacking. In short, over half the movies in my Netflix queue are not available at my local Blockbuster.

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Poll: What would make you switch from Netflix to Blockbuster?

Netflix_3NetflixorblockbusterSo Blockbuster released a holiday promotion yesterday that will let Netflix subscribers rent Blockbuster movies for free. The reaction to the offer is, of course, mixed. Some seem to hate Blockbuster with a passion while others point out Netflix has its own issues (especially when you are a frequent user). How can we know what to do in a case like this?

I thought we could settle this once and for all using my favorite imperfect method: the poll! Question: I would switch from Netflix to Blockbuster IF:

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Blockbuster Inviting Netflix Customers to Rent Movies From Stores for Free

BlockbusterAccording to the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), Blockbuster is introducing a holiday promotion that will let Netflix subscribers rent Blockbuster movies for free. Here’s how it works: Netflix members can turn in the tear-off flaps from any red Netflix envelopes for free rentals at any Blockbuster store. The promotion is set to run through December 21.

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