Hi. My name is Bob Caswell, and I blog about what interests me: technology, consumerism, the Internet, movies, music, computer games, books, etc. Some companies I follow frequently (and whose products/services I use daily) include Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Sony, and Yahoo.

Blogging Background

Prior to blogging here, I blogged/founded Computers.net before I sold it in 2007 and blogged/founded TechConsumer.com before I sold it in 2008. I’ve been featured/referenced on popular sites Techmeme (for this), TechCrunch (twice, for this and this), Wired (twice, for this and this), GigaOm (for this), Mashable (for this), and ProBlogger (for this).

Professional Background

I used to have high hopes for blogging as a mechanism for early retirement. But it turns out that it requires just as much, if not more, time than anything else I did to make money. So I’m back to the more traditional approach for the making money side of things. I now work for Adobe and previously worked for Microsoft, SAP, and Vivint. Blogging now is just for fun.

My background also includes three years in the late nineties working at a local white-box computer store followed by six years or so of IT consulting for small businesses. More recently, I completed my Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Purdue University. For more on my professional background, see my LinkedIn profile.

More Info

If you like what you find here, feel free to subscribe via RSS or email. If you don’t know what that means, check out my introduction to RSS. For a glimpse into how/what I write, see below for my self-selected top 10 list (in no particular order) or check out my archives page organized by date and category.

Thanks for checking out the site, and feel free to contact me via email: bob [at] bobcaswell [dot] com or on Twitter @bobcaswell.

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