Practically Culture

I’ve started a new project with a good friend (Logan Beaux) called Practically Culture. It’s a podcast and a “videocast” (funny how I feel like I need to put “videocast” in quotes and not podcast). Basically, it’s a series of 10-15 minute YouTube videos where Logan and I review the latest pseudo-culture of the week. You know, stuff that many wouldn’t consider real culture, but it may as well be culture for this day and age.

Hence the idea for our name: Practically Culture.

Our first week we talk about the latest episode of Mad Men (warning: spoilers in this segment) and give our quick impressions of the Arrested Development reboot via Netflix (no spoilers). We also have reoccurring segments featuring movie and TV reviews, and we may dabble in other content as well.

In any event, we’re interested in producing something that is both enjoyable and relevant. As a self-proclaimed “media consumer,” I’ve enjoyed having these types of meta-conversations with Logan and others over the years. And now you can listen in.