Unlimited Matters: Goodbye, Mozy. Hello, Carbonite.

About a month ago, I got the following email from Mozy:

Dear Mozy Customer,

Thanks for being a valued Mozy subscriber. For the first time since 2006, we’re adjusting the price of our MozyHome service and wanted to give you a heads up. As part of this change, we’re replacing our MozyHome Unlimited backup plan and introducing the following tiered storage plans:

50 GB for $5.99 per month (includes backup for 1 computer)
125 GB for $9.99 per month (includes backup for up to 3 computers)

You may add additional computers (up to 5 in total) or 20 GB increments of storage to either of the plans, each for a monthly cost of $2.00.

While this policy takes effect for new MozyHome customers starting today, your MozyHome Unlimited subscription is still valid for the duration of your current 1 year term. In order to ensure uninterrupted service, you’ll need to select a new renewal plan.

As the leader in online backup, we’re committed to continually providing the highest levels of service and protection that you’ve come to expect from us as well as delivering those innovations you’ve been asking for. For more information on the factors that led to this change, please read my note or visit our FAQ.

Be safe,
Harel Kodesh

Since I was using Mozy to backup 390 gigabytes of music, pictures, movies, and documents… well, my monthly bill was about to go up 760% from $5 per month to $38. Not cool. Luckily, there’s plenty of competition out there, and I decided to give Carbonite a try.

I started with a free trial of Carbonite earlier this month but then just decided, what the hell, I’m going for it. With Carbonite, I prepaid $130 for 38 months or $3.42 per month. That wouldn’t even get me through 4 months of Mozy. Put another way, Mozy would have cost me 11 times what I’m now paying for Carbonite! Crazy.

So what do I think of Carbonite? So far so good. The UI is different but the backup service feels about the same. I have to admit, part of the reason I prepaid for over three years is because I’m fearful that “unlimited” might not last forever. For me, at least, I can do my best to make it last for another three years.
  • Anonymous

    I just made the switch too. It has to be a tough time at Mozy right now since I’m sure they lost _a lot_ of customers in all this.

    Have you noticed how Carbonite seems to throttle uploads of large files? It is taking forever to upload my videos. It would upload a lot more GBs/day before it got to the videos.

  • Yeah, @Carbonite throttling uploads of larger files is annoying, but since it prioritizes smaller files first, it indirectly protects my most important stuff faster.

    I’m ok with it as long as their pricing remains the way it is for unlimited… which makes me wonder: what’s happening faster? The cost going down for storage hardware or the increase in consumer use of storage for personal videos, music, etc.?

  • Anonymous

    It is good to prioritize the smaller files first, but the small ones finished sometime last week quite quickly. Now that it is on the 100 big files left the GBs uploaded per day is lower. Like they are throttling it down.

  • Dan admin

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  • Anonymous

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  • Mozy is not unlimited anymore, nor is Carbonite.
    Nitrobackup.com is and if you catch a Twitter deal you can get it for a buck a month!