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Microsoft: A Great Place to Work

Full Disclosure: I work for Microsoft and enjoy my job. And this blog post is my opinion, not Microsoft’s.

This past week ended up being one of the most intense, yet rewarding, weeks of my career. For the past three weeks, I put my day job mostly on hold and took on the challenge of leading a team to put together a free virtual training event for Windows Phone 7 developers. We had developers in the thousands participating in four 3-hour sessions that covered the ins and outs of developing applications and games for Windows Phone 7.

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Defining Success of [Tech] Companies

Let’s face it: we all love making comparisons. It’s an easy way to simplify a point. The problem, though, lies in the implicit assumptions and interpretations that go along with a comparison. Meaning, as soon as you make your comparison, it’s as if you’re holding all else equal while at the same time elevating your comparison to a higher level of credibility as compared to any of the unspoken alternative comparisons involving the two things you’re comparing.

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Calling All Phone Developers: Free Training on Windows Phone 7

Today the Windows Phone team announced the availability of the Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta. I wanted to highlight a portion of the announcement that I’ve been working on personally. Microsoft really wants to show you (Mr. Phone App Developer) why Windows Phone 7 is the hotness. So that’s why we’ve put together the following free training (see below).

I’m very excited about this; it’s one of the coolest things I’ve been involved in at Microsoft! If you have any questions or want more details, leave me a comment.

Get Trained for FREE – Windows Phone 7 Jump Start

Windows Phone 7 JumpStart is a FREE virtual live class for developers interested in developing applications and games for Windows Phone 7. The course is organized into four virtual instructor-led sessions that are of 3-hour duration. They will be presented by forthcoming MS Press authors and MVP’s, Andy Wigley and Rob Miles. It will provide developers a jump start for developing Windows Phone 7 applications. The labs will be completed offline with office hours access to the instructors.

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