Reintroducing OneNote Trainer Packs: New & Improved

So every once in a while, I like to blog about what I’m doing at work (especially if I’m excited about it!). Today, we’re announcing the release of “OneNote Trainer Packs.” Read on below if you’re interested in a glimpse in my day-to-day at Microsoft Learning.

Eighteen months ago, Microsoft Learning released beta OneNote Trainer Packs for 7 courses as part of an effort to test if consolidating Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) prep materials was a worthy endeavor. The answer came back from MCTs: yes, if done thoroughly. So that’s what we did.

It’s my pleasure to announce that Microsoft Learning is releasing OneNote Trainer Packs (aka OTPs, because we love acronyms) for all 32 available “KonaH” (or “Nextgen”) Microsoft Official Courses (MOC). We’ve improved on the original concept and are providing MCTs a single location for the most relevant content needed to prepare for a MOC class. OTPs include the following content for each course on each page in the OTP (and in this order):

1) Slides
2) Instructor Notes
3) Book Content
4) Companion CD Content

Also included for each module are the Lab Answer Keys (LAKs). OTPs, of course, require OneNote to run. Luckily, OneNote is available as a free download for all MCTs (as part of the MCT program) via the included TechNet Plus subscription. Currently 20 OTPs are available for immediate download from the MCT Download Center: 2778A, 6215A, 6231A, 2262BK, 6232A, 6234A, 6235A, 6214A, 6367A, 6424A, 6461A, 6462A, 6420A, 6421A, 6446A, 6463A, 6427A, 6445A, 6451A, 6434A. The remaining 12 (6425B, 6236A, 6292A, 10135A, 6426B, 6294A, 6368A, 6460A, 6464A, 6416C, 6419A, 6430B) will be available in mid-June.

Moving forward, Microsoft Learning intends to release a OneNote Trainer Pack for each new course released (the OTP would come out soon after the course itself is released). We hope this will make the life of our trainers at least a little easier. For more information, you can check out the on demand virtual summit session entitled “The Future of MOC” during which I give a demo of OneNote Trainer Packs in action (and talk about some other exciting stuff). Otherwise, if you are an MCT, check out the OneNote Trainer Packs for yourself on the MCT Download Center.