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Silicon Alley Insider Embellishes WSJ Headline In Attempt to Steal Page Views

How do you like my title? It came from a Wall Street Journal article entitled “Microsoft Plans Shake Up” which Henry Blodget of Silicon Alley Insider linked to, added an intro that added nothing new, and then added quite the Google-bait headline of “Microsoft Shaking Up Entertainment Group In Desperate Attempt To Catch Apple And Google”.

Now, full disclosure, I work for Microsoft but not in this division. And I have nothing to do with whatever this story is about. It seems like an interesting scoop for the WSJ, but Blodget’s title is tricking Techmeme into thinking it should be the leader story. So as a fellow blogger, I thought I’d one up Mr. Blodget with an equally exciting title of my own and a piece of advice:

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Reintroducing OneNote Trainer Packs: New & Improved

So every once in a while, I like to blog about what I’m doing at work (especially if I’m excited about it!). Today, we’re announcing the release of “OneNote Trainer Packs.” Read on below if you’re interested in a glimpse in my day-to-day at Microsoft Learning.

Eighteen months ago, Microsoft Learning released beta OneNote Trainer Packs for 7 courses as part of an effort to test if consolidating Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) prep materials was a worthy endeavor. The answer came back from MCTs: yes, if done thoroughly. So that’s what we did.

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Even Bill Maher Has A Love/Hate Relationship with Apple

Wow, some major love for Apple tonight coming from none other than Bill Maher:

“America needs to focus on getting Jobs, Steve Jobs… In 2001, Apple reinvented the record player, in 2007 the phone, and this year the computer. I say, for 2011, we let them take a crack at America.”

“Our infrastructure, our business model, our institutions, get rid of the stuff that’s not working, replace it with something that does. For example: Goodbye US Senate, Hello Genius Bar. So good luck, Steve, ’cause you’ll need it. Of course, I’m sure he’ll make us change the name.”

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Nice Job, Bing: Android Now Less Interesting to Me

The Bing team today unveiled turn-by-turn directions for Windows Phones. Now for those that know me, you may know that I currently am using an Android phone (yeah, yeah, I work for Microsoft and use an Android phone; it happens). And one of the reasons specifically was for the free GPS app available via Google.

Having a phone with this kind of app makes my life less complicated, as it removes one more gadget from my life that I’d just as soon not have separately. But lately my Android phone has felt sluggish (it’s a G1), and with this announcement, I think it’s safe to say that I’m looking at getting myself a nice new Windows Phone 7 this holiday season. Anyone else making a major phone change soon?

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