Is 2010 the Year of Digital Books?

About three months ago, Microsoft Learning (where I work) released Microsoft Official Courses digitally for the first time (DRM-free, I might add). I can say that adoption of the digital versions of these courses has exceeded our expectations (even if it’s still too early to see where this is going exactly).

Coincidentally, the tech world has seemed especially excited about digital content these past three months (just check out my delicious feed specific to e-books). With dozens of new e-reader devices, new e-reader software, new content deals, Amazon Kindle sales records, etc. etc., are we gearing up for a year where digital books really take off?

It seems that way even if, in my experience, the most vocal on this topic have tended to be either the most resistant to it or the early adopters. I’m not sure where the average consumer stands. Whatever the case, it’s a great ride watching this play out.

As for Microsoft Learning, see this news for the latest enhancements we just added to our digital content. If you have more to say on the topic of going digital (especially in the IT training world), feel free to leave a comment. Also, check out this week’s episode of Practically Ideal (also on iTunes) where Logan and I discuss e-books (and what they mean for consumers) in detail.