Practically Ideal: A New Podcast I’m a Part Of

podcastMy friend Logan Beaux decided to start a podcast (get it here) and invited me to be part of the project as a regular cohost. For whatever reason, I’ve never done the podcasting thing (till now). And lately I’ve been thinking that Twitter/Facebook has replaced my need to blog like I used to.

But now having participated in a podcast, I can say (perhaps naively) that I’ve been missing out on a decent form of expression. We’ve only recorded one show, but I’m already feeling pretty excited about doing this new thing more. New for me, that is, I think I’m only five years late to the party?

Anyway, the podcast is called Practically Ideal. Logan mentions you can tell it’s our first try (which may be true), but I have to give him props for some pretty good production value. While I think what he’s trying to accomplish is fairly ambitious, I’m glad he (we) is (are) doing it.

The format used includes a discussion on the latest in politics/economics, followed by a discussion on the latest in tech, and wraps up with a nice dose of pop culture. In this episode we discuss libertarianism, “climategate”, Windows 7, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the Mad Men season finale, and other TV shows we’re watching. And we do this all in about 50 minutes.

The truth is, Logan and I are fairly interested in each of the broad subject categories but haven’t found a show/podcast that addresses them all together in a condensed package of sorts. So he decided it was a good time to start what we’ve never found. I wonder, though, if it’s too much for one show?

It’s really 3 or 4 mini-shows with the same personalities behind each segment. In fact, if technology would allow more easily, I wish there was an easy way to present the podcast with bookmarks of sorts so you could skip to only those topics that interested you. Then again, I think the show works best when all together. But of course I would say that…

Anyway, enough of my take. Give it a listen, and let me know what you think. You can download it here (Right-click and select “Save Link As…”), and we’ll soon have it as something you can subscribe to on iTunes.

*Update* Practically Ideal is now on iTunes.

  • Little Sis

    The two of you have surprisingly pleasant voices for podcasting. Interesting topics, but I will say I was confused with the Libertarian commentary for the exact reason you mentioned in your podcast: Libertarianism is often espoused by backwoods extremists, or “kooks.” That being said, your comments did little to inform me as to (1) what both of your takes on Libertarianism was and/or (2) why they weren't kooky. There was Bob's fiscally conservative bit, but for the most part I found the overall presentation as smooth as the that segment's content was ethereal. I'd like to hear more, but I need something I can sink my teeth into.

  • You're proving my point! If I'm not backed into a corner having to explain my views in the context of the Libertarian view… then I wouldn't be guilty of kookiness until proven innocent.

    So that's why I generally stick with “fiscally conservative and socially liberal” as my stance. I agree that the segment may have been pretty ethereal. It was a setting the stage of sorts, so that future conversations have the background of our pseudo-Libertarian status.

    But we'll definitely try to dive directly into some political topics more in episodes to come! Enough of a teaser for you to keep listening? 🙂

  • Little Sis


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  • Little Sis

    Second podcast was much better. Structured and interesting. Substantive with a nice personal twist. Keep 'em comin'.

  • Cool, glad you liked it! Episode 3 coming soon…

  • Little Sis

    Second podcast was much better. Structured and interesting. Substantive with a nice personal twist. Keep 'em comin'.

  • Cool, glad you liked it! Episode 3 coming soon…

  • I listened to your first podcast on a train between Barcelona and Grenoble, so I couldn't comment at the time. Actually I wrote my comments on paper 🙂 I really enjoyed listening, although the pop culture section made me realize how little I watch TV (only until the PhD is done). I miss it! I really can identify with your fiscally conservative take on politics. Maybe you will convince me to reengage politically someday…

  • Thanks, Tom! I actually still have your “paper” comment and was going to type it up, lol. But then, your comment today summed it up pretty well. 🙂 The one thing you said that I definitely want others to hear:

    “Frankly, my only interest in politics is to understand enough to anticipate corruption.”

    My cynical response would be to say, “wow, so you want to understand A LOT.” 🙂

  • Yeah, the more I think about it politics is the art of using the word “freedom” while keeping a straight face. Fear helps a lot, and that is the real reason your toothpaste gets confiscated at the airport.