Complainers Now Praising Microsoft

microsoft_logo_2It’s a slow news day (should be, it’s Sunday) and good ol’ Mini-Microsoft has taken the top spot over at Techmeme. For those unfamiliar, Mini-Microsoft is an anonymous blogger and Microsoft employee who has been calling for radical change to happen at Microsoft for years. He (she?) has been quiet since the last round of layoffs but decided to share some praise today in a post titled “Microsoft Has Turned The Corner.”

From Mini’s blog:

What has helped make the turn?

* Windows 7
* Bing
* Silverlight
* IE EU chutzpah
* …and award worthy, coherent ads that aren’t a demonstration of how best to destroy millions of dollars quickly.

This was quickly followed by a Robert Scoble tweet explaining that Microsoft will announce something cool tomorrow to be added to Mini’s list above:

Mini-Microsoft is right. Microsoft has turned a corner and tomorrow morning I’ll show you another example of how.

Of course, Mini-Microsoft wouldn’t be Mini without suggesting further radical changes using unsubstantiated, oversimplified rhetoric (in this case, laying off 15,000 people is the solution). But I enjoy the perspective, and he does get it right sometimes. All things considered, it’s nice to see the complainers getting excited. That, in and of itself, is a corner turned.

*Update* Scoble reveals what he was referring to: “Microsoft’s new Office 2010 brings Office back from the dead (tons of videos)”