I’m a PC and my shirt says so. He’s a Mac and yells in my face.

pcmacSo I’m walking back to the office (work for Microsoft in Bellevue, WA) after meeting my wife for a nice dinner out. And I’m wearing a black t-shirt that says “I’M A PC” in white letters across my chest. I’m half way through crossing the street and a guy runs up to me, whips his arms around, points his two index fingers an inch away from my chest, and then yells loudly: “I’m a Mac!”

I give him a shoulder shrug and say, “cool, dude” while the rest of the crosswalk traffic is trying to ignore what just happened. We then walk our separate ways. My first thought was: “how bizarre.” But then that thought was quickly followed by my second thought, which was: “how normal.”

Sure, this is ancedotal and an isolated story. But for being completely random, I can’t think of a better story that characterizes my experience with how Mac fans express themselves as compared to PC fans. Some fans feel the need to yell their stance to your face (read any Apple fanboy blogs lately?) while others feel more comfortable simply wearing a shirt.

Now I’m wondering if I still want to wear this shirt from time to time. I think so. I wouldn’t want to pass up another chance at a Mac fan proving my point.

*Disclaimer* I work for Microsoft but do own certain Apple products, just how most all of my “Mac” friends own Microsoft products. I personally think the tech world is a better place because of both companies. But that’s too long a message to shout to someone’s face.

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  • Michelle

    That's hilarious! I had a friend give me all this advice when I told them that I was in the market for a new computer. It was MAC this and MAC that–they even looked at some used ones for me (which were STILL more expensive than a brand new PC). When I told them that I had ordered a new PC it was like I had announced a funeral. I haven't heard from them since. Weird. It's almost like a cult or something.

  • Xephrey

    As I was reading that, I got several flashbacks from being a missionary and having people see my name tag… *random shouting ensues* When you said “whips his arms around”, I was almost expecting you to then say: “To give me a big hug!”

    Honestly, I have to say that I've experienced just about the same amount of idiocy coming from both sides of the argument.

    I'm a Mac.

    Let's be friends.

  • Alice X

    The fact that an adult would wear such a shirt in pubic is frightening. The fact that you do it to provoke unstable individuals is sad.

  • Wow, Alice, of all the things about the situation that could have been labeled “frightening” you pick my shirt choice? I wonder what you think of the millions of people who wear shirts with brands all over them. I hope that kind of thought doesn't “frighten” you too much.

    As for provoking unstable individuals, I had no idea such a shirt would attract unstable individuals. Again, you pick that as the “sad” part of the situation? How “sad” is it that someone becomes an “unstable individual” when seeing a shirt like this?

  • ginocarpio

    I am a PC… But i Got an Iphone! hehehhehe

  • Sounds more like someone trying to be funny in a drive-by sort of way. I get it all the time when I'm out with my “ask me about old computers” shirt. Random strangers get in my face an ask “what about old computers?” then grin like they're creative geniuses.

  • I'm an Android. I'm sick of carrying laptops around. I can do almost anything PCs or macs can do (and some things they can't) with a device that I can then put in my pocket and carry with me all the time. Anyone want to buy my new MacBook Pro? I want a netbook. PC, mac… I don't care. I'm an Android, and while everyone else argues about big, clunky devices I prefer to fit my digital life in my pocket.

  • Read this and I couldn't agree more; I just like tech stuff. I'm not a label Wh053, I just buy what I can afford….

  • john meade

    Hey, I'm a PC. Please stop asking me to fix your Mac.

  • Hey John! Glad to see you're still a PC after all these years. 🙂

  • john meade

    Hey, I'm a PC. Please stop asking me to fix your Mac.

  • Hey John! Glad to see you're still a PC after all these years. 🙂