Having Fun at Work: Microsoft Gamers Event

sidewinderstuffThe Microsoft Games for Windows team working with the SideWinder (gaming hardware) team put together a fun event a few days ago. Of course, I may be saying it was fun because I won third place in one tournament and first place in another.

Winnings included everything I needed for a lazy weekend: Fallout 3, 007: Quantum of Solace, SideWinder Mouse, SideWinder X6 Keyboard (won two!), and a LifeChat LX-3000 headset (see picture above or see an unboxing video here by a fellow winner).

Seriously, though, I want to thank those involved for putting this together. The more I work at Microsoft, the more I realize it’s a company full of some pretty cool people.

See below for my post-victory interview video. Incidentally, this is my first time posting a video of myself online. Given the context, it’s a little heavy on the “I’m a computer game nerd” content.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to be the first impression of me for anyone who might come across it. But then, given all the hoopla around Susan Boyle, I decided I’d go with the “embrace yourself” mentality. This is me, no need to provide excuses or disclaimers (even if I just did).

Also, for you World of Warcraft players, I kid. Don’t take what I say about it too seriously. (I actually played it for a summer a few years back before giving it up for more gaming variety.) But for you coworkers I’m talking to near the end, take what I say very seriously (or just buy me lunch sometime).

  • Two thoughts:
    1. I thought you said you were busy?!?
    2. How do I get a job with your division?

  • LOL! Answers:

    1. Never too busy for a 3-hour tournament on a Thursday afternoon/evening.
    2. That's the beauty of working at Microsoft… everyone's pretty much welcome everywhere. This event had nothing to do with where I work / what I do. I found out about it because I'm part of an internal MS email group of gamers.

  • Xephrey

    Thanks for posting that! That woman shouldn't be in broadcasting… or anything that requires speaking.

  • peskypescado

    About the WoW comments, you are talking about it like it was some bad habit you quit a few years back. 🙂 We get it, you smoked but didn't inhale….

  • You pretty much nailed it. I couldn't afford the consequences / time suck of two bad habits (regular gaming and MMORPG gaming). And after a while the MMORPG gaming just felt pointless (for me, anyway). Like watching a good TV series with a great story (regular gaming) vs. a reality TV show with no story that never ends.

  • Steven

    “opportunity cost”, Thoman will be happy on your analysis!

  • Steven

    “opportunity cost”, Thoman will be happy on your analysis!