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Buying a “Smart” Phone for the First Time: Which One?

g1phoneFirst, I work for Microsoft. But I tend to purchase/use Microsoft products only when they are the best option for me personally (and they often are). In this case, I did actually look at Windows Mobile as my first choice. I’m on T-Mobile and not willing to switch carriers (most of my extended family is on T-Mobile, so I use hardly any minutes and like it that way, plus T-Mobile is the cheapest of all carriers and has been good to me the past few years).

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New Year’s Resolution #1: Blog More

2009It’s been two months since my last post, and I’ve decided to get back into blogging. It feels like so many times in the past couple months something has happened, and I’ve thought to myself, “I should blog about that.”

Well, now I think I will. For those keeping score at home (that would be me), I’m hoping to get into a weekly rhythm.

On a more random note, what is the deal with the spelling of the word rhythm? Just now I couldn’t even spell it close enough to the real thing to get spell check to have an idea of what I was trying to say.