My First Time Using Craigslist

Somehow I missed the Craigslist memo. It could have something to do with the fact that I haven’t used even eBay for a while. (I used to be on eBay quite a bit but gave it up a few years ago when Amazon proved to be a worthy replacement with much less hassle.) But we recently moved and found ourselves with a couple of items needing a new home due to space constraints in our new place. Namely: a Yamaha electronic keyboard and a spare fold-a-bed.

So I signed up for Craigslist and posted these items online. Here’s what I found:

  • The keyboard went right away even though it was priced at less of a bargain than the bed ($75 vs. $35 for the bed)
  • When both items were picked up (at different times), both parties buying almost forgot to pay until the last minute making for a potentially awkward situation (though both seemed very nice)… interesting coincidence
  • For whatever reason, for the bed, I received four very interested inquiries who requested my address and setup a time only to “no show” and not respond to any further correspondence. The fifth person finally did come and get it.

My whole experience is admittedly anecdotal and could be quite the exception for all I know. And there are plenty of stranger “exceptions.” But it is all I know of Craigslist at this point. Overall, I’d use it again, sure, but only if the context dictated it as the best choice (i.e., if I move and need a theoretically easy way to get rid of big items). Outside of this kind of scenario, though, I’m not sure. It feels like it’s the world’s largest and most streamlined ongoing garage sale. While that’s all fine and good, I’m finding that model doesn’t work as well for me. But it seems to do wonders for plenty of people.

Anyone else used Craigslist with similiar (or different) results?