No Worries, Netflix, You’re Doing Great

It seems that everyone and their dog is reporting on the shipping issues Netflix has been having for the past few days. So I figured I’d add my two cents: I don’t think it’s a big deal. Netflix, if you’re listening, don’t worry about crediting my account for the couple days I missed getting DVDs.

Sure, sure, we have the usual analysts telling us this will cost Netflix millions of dollars in lost revenue per day. And, of course, bloggers love pointing out the negative responses from customers. But, for me,  Netflix has under-promised and over-delivered dozens of time. I’m not sure how they get me my DVDs so lightening fast, but if it means their system breaking down for a couple days every once in a while… so be it.

Leave a comment below if you’re a Netflix customer that’s been satisfied enough in the past for this current situation not to ruin your day. Or am I only one?

Also, see below if you haven’t seen how Netflix has responded to its customers. Seems like a great response to me:

IMPORTANT: Your DVD Shipments Have Likely Been Delayed

We’re sorry to report that since Tuesday we’ve been experiencing issues with our shipping system, so many of you have not received DVDs in a timely manner and many of you have not received emails letting you know we got a DVD back from you.

We pride ourselves in delighting you, and we’ve let you down. We apologize and are working around the clock to restore normal operations. To all of you whose shipments have been delayed, we’ll be automatically applying a credit to your next billing statement. Or, if you are new to Netflix and your first shipments have been delayed, we recognize that this is not a good way to begin your Netflix membership and we’ll automatically extend your free trial.

Our goal is to ship DVDs as soon as possible and to keep you updated. Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience we’ve caused you and thank you for your patience.

The Netflix Team

*Update* Looks like everything is back to normal after three days of disruption. And Netflix is giving anyone affected a 15% credit for next month.

  • Amber

    I'm with you! I totally don't care. So I had to go for a walk tonight instead of watching <checks queue> Roman Holiday.

  • Haha, loved that Roman Holiday was next in your queue…

  • Rachel

    I love Netflix…they even have great service in Alaska. I don't care that my movies didn't arrive on time…what kind of people get upset over something like that?

  • Ted

    I've been a Netflix member for two years. The few minor problems I encountered were immediately taken care of and the great service far outweighs this episode. I am absolutely sure Netflix is working their collective butts off to rectify the problem, after all, it is in their best interestes.

    Ted from Niagara Falls, NY

  • Daniel

    I have similar feelings, and I'm typically a curmudgeon when it comes to a company dropping the ball. Granted, I may change my tune if a week or so goes by and I have yet to get a new shipment, but for now, I agree with you that Netflix has exceeded my expectations pretty consistently – long enough that this sort of thing can happen and it doesn't really bother me.

  • Daniel, my thoughts exactly. If it's a few days, no biggie, but I agree
    that once we start using the word “week” instead of “day” to describe
    this problem, that might be different… Hopefully we won't get to that

  • I have never tried the netflix service. But I have tried Blockbuster's version of this and it was incredibly disappointing. Firstly, my movies and games almost always came later than they said it would. Secondly, they jacked up my monthly rates which is why I am no longer with them. Thirdly, anytime I called their customer service line I always got a rude and unhelpful response. Blockbuster really pulled me off this mailing movies thing. But, after the reviews I've been hearing about netflix, I may just be giving them a shot. The convenience of getting movies mailed to me might just be too good to pass up.

  • Thanks Bob,very interesting and useful post

  • Mitchel

    Netflix may be one of the best customer support orientated corporations out there. The greatest thing it has done for its customers is to NOT outsource its call centers out of the country. It’s so nice to not only talk to an American – English speaking service rep, but I love being able to support a company that is creating jobs IN America. KUDOS to Netflix.
    More KUDOS for working out NETFLIX streaming on the XBOX 360 — I didn't even realize there was a shipping issue until I read this article because I was watching 14 hours of streaming NETFLIX content on my XBOX. Clay pigeons was great, tripping the riff was fun, and it was great to watch Monty’s Meaning of Life again. None of these were in my queue but this instant streaming stuff is too cool to resist and I've actually started looking through all the instant content.
    Under Promise — Over Deliver
    That would make a great slogan for NETFLIX
    If you want to complain about NETFLIX first try to grasp the reality of the logistics and third parties involved. Then give them props for being one of the very few that do not outsource all of their jobs to other countries, and finally, try telling Blockbuster that you REALLY DID return those last two movies and see how they treat you – when I told NETFLIX I had mailed the 2 DVDs back they simply marked them as reported missing and sent me my next 2 in the queue – no questions – no charge!

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  • Netflix has done an amazing job innovating in this space and continues to do. They have earned the right to have us cut them some slack.

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  • nice post.. thanks for your support NETFLIX.. good job…!!!

  • nice post.. thanks for your support NETFLIX.. good job…!!!