Amazon: Sales Tax Hasn’t Stopped Me Yet

One of the best things about shopping on Amazon (or most anywhere online) is that you don’t have to pay sales tax. Well, that recently changed for me. Since I now live in the state of Washington, I pay sales tax on any Amazon orders (because Amazon headquarters is here). The funny thing is, though, that I haven’t really given up on shopping via Amazon. Since being here, I’ve used Amazon to buy an Xbox 360 and a GPS device, plus some other odds and ends.

It could have something to do with the fact that I’m an Amazon Prime member (I pay $79 per year to get free two-day shipping or next day shipping for $4). But the other thing I’ve realized is that I now trust Amazon more than practically any other retailer (especially when just looking at alternative online retailers). I’m sure there are times when Amazon isn’t the best deal, but in a way, it still is (for me, anyway).

Bargain shopping has the drawbacks of added time, added risk, and more hassle. And even with a 9% tax, Amazon still feels worth it. I mean, I still have to pay that 9% tax anywhere I shop locally. And the few times I’ve needed to return an item, I’ve noticed that the Amazon process is flawless and favors me, the consumer. Plus, Amazon’s MP3 store offers less expensive, higher quality, and restriction free music.

I realize this sounds like little more than a plug for Amazon, but I like talking about businesses that have done a good job and earned my trust. And Amazon seems pretty high on my short list.