T-Mobile vs. The iPhone or Hurry Up, T-Mobile!

I don’t have a “smart” phone and am in the market. So what logically comes to mind? The iPhone, of course. But I’m a T-Mobile customer and most my extended family are as well, which means we can all talk to our hearts’ content without worrying about minutes. Thus, it’s hard for me to give up the plan my wife and I are on: 1,000 shared minutes for only $50.

But our contract with T-Mobile recently expired, so I thought I’d use that as leverage to see what T-Mobile could offer me to, you know, “retain” me. At the same time, though, I don’t want to admit that I’m mostly happy with their service. What followed was an interesting conversation with a T-Mobile “retention representative” I was transferred to.

She pointed out a lot of information I already knew, but I was fascinated by the approach. The message was basically a “don’t go, just wait” message but with no “official” information given. She talked about a “Google” phone and the 3G network, both supposedly coming in October. She took that and combined it with T-Mobile’s competitive pricing and threw at me the “iPhone killer” phrase.

The problem? Even though this was all coming from a very enthusiastic T-Mobile employee, she couldn’t point me to T-Mobile press releases, a T-Mobile FAQ, etc. She said it’s all coming “for sure” but then told me to search Engadget and The Boy Genius Report for more details.

What?! T-Mobile has an “iPhone killer” and their retention program is based on sending customers to search third-party blogs for more details? How bizarre. Hurry up, T-Mobile, I’m waiting to be amazed in October. But a word of advice: wake up the marketing department and start talking or you might just lose a lot of customers to the iPhone in the interim.