Match Made In Heaven: Netflix on the Xbox 360

Back in February, I titled a post “Dear Microsoft: Get Netflix on the Xbox 360 and I’ll Buy One.” True to my word, today I ordered an Xbox 360 following the latest announcement. I’m a huge fan of Netflix and have always had an interest in getting an Xbox 360 (even though I’m more of a PC gamer).

Considering that we already had a Wii in our home, though, an Xbox 360 just seemed unnecessary (again, even though the Xbox 360 is quite different than the Wii, my gaming experience quota was plenty full with Wii and PC gaming). But the Netflix bonus is just enough for me to go for it.

It looks like the deal is exclusive (sorry Sony, another item to add to your list of missed opportunities) and that there might be plans for group watching of movies over Xbox Live? Remember when HD DVD made this happen with Harry Potter?

It seems like a cool idea even if it seems a little weird to be having a movie party over the Internet. But that could just be my resistance to a new concept, which really isn’t solving much of a problem out there. Whatever the case, I’m all over giving new features a try.

By the way, it also helps that today a friend of mine emailed me about a sale Amazon is having on the Xbox 360 Elite. I guess it’s a sign.