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Mojave Works for Consumers But Not Techies

So Microsoft conducted an experiment where it put 120 regular computer users (but Windows Vista avoiders) in front of a Vista-based computer and told them that it was a hands-on, sneak peak at the next Microsoft operating system, codenamed “Mojave.” As it turns out, 94 percent rated Vista much higher after seeing it. On a scale from 1-10, the participants’ average rating for Vista before was 4.4, and the average rating after seeing Vista (but not knowing it was Vista) was 8.5.

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Comcast Screws Up But Then Makes It Up To Me

It looks like Comcast is in the news again but not for the best of reasons. So today seems like a good day for me to share my latest Comcast experience. I recently moved and subsequently signed up for Comcast’s all-in-one package (TV, Internet, and phone). I didn’t really need the phone service, but the way the marketing department has things, the same services I wanted without phone service are the same price as having the phone service included. Bundling and all that, go figure.

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Match Made In Heaven: Netflix on the Xbox 360

Back in February, I titled a post “Dear Microsoft: Get Netflix on the Xbox 360 and I’ll Buy One.” True to my word, today I ordered an Xbox 360 following the latest announcement. I’m a huge fan of Netflix and have always had an interest in getting an Xbox 360 (even though I’m more of a PC gamer).

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