Amazon Giving $50 Credit to Its HD DVD Buyers

AmazonI purchased my HD DVD player with 10 movies for $174 way back in November. Today, to my surprise, I received the email below. This is much better than the company’s first attempt at treating me as a “valued HD DVD customer” and comes after Best Buy made a similar move. In related news, Amazon also has a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Blu-ray movie promotion happening right now.

Dear Customer,

As someone who purchased an HD DVD player from us before February 23, 2008,* you might like to hear about a special offer available from

New technologies don’t always work out as planned. We at value our customer relationships more than anything and would like to support customers who purchased these players by offering a credit good for $50 off any products sold by** Just use promotional code XXXXXXXXXX when checking out. The code is valid through April 9, 2009, so you have plenty of time to use your credit. Purchases from third-party merchants on our site are not eligible.

In addition, we’d like to share some of our top offers on Blu-ray discs, HDTVs, and other high-def technology and remind you that the Marketplace is available to sell items you might not want anymore as you upgrade to new ones. Also be sure to check out our monthly Early Adopters Delivers e-mail to find out about the latest technology.

* On February 23, 2008, the last manufacturer of HD DVD players announced it was ceasing production of those players.

** Offer cannot be used to pay for special-order titles, e-books or downloadable e-content, wireless service plans, gift certificates, gift-wrap, taxes, or shipping and handling charges. $50.00 promotional credit is per HD DVD player purchased prior to February 23, 2008–up to 10 units for a maximum credit of $500.00.

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