Best Buy Will Now Sell Dell Computers Along with Wal-Mart & Staples

Dell LogoStarting within the next few weeks, Dell computers (notebooks and desktops) will be for sale in more than 900 Best Buy locations in the U.S. After this move, Dell’s products will be available in almost 10,000 stores worldwide. This seems ironic considering Dell pioneered the low cost, online, skip-the-middleman model. But the company lost the “world’s largest computer maker” trophy to HP, and the retail distribution channel is one area where HP shines.

This news follows after Dell has already announced similar deals with Staples and Wal-Mart. The company is hoping to become more consumer-friendly, as the business market has slowed in comparison. And there are apparently too many consumers that like the “try before you buy” model in retail stores. Right now, Dell gets only 15% of its sales from the consumer market with most of its sales coming from the business-to-business market.

So would you buy a Dell in a Best Buy?

*Update* Here are some PR quotes from each company:

Michael Tatelman, vice president of sales and marketing for Dell’s global consumer business: “Seeing the latest fashion colors of our Inspiron and XPS notebooks or previewing the ultimate gaming experience on a high-performance system can be an important part of how people shop… In the next few weeks, people looking to upgrade to a Dell notebook or desktop in the U.S. can visit their local Best Buy to check out and purchase our award-winning line of products.”

Dave Morrish, senior vice president for Best Buy’s mobility business unit: “Dell is clearly one of the most popular and successful PC companies and their addition to our retail and online selection gives Best Buy customers unprecedented choice when buying a computer.”