Dell Taking Orders for Vista PCs TONIGHT!

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) has some unidentified sources claiming that Dell will begin selling personal computers with Vista tonight just before midnight eastern standard time. These first movers will get their new Vista-loaded computers on Tuesday, the official launch day of Vista for home users. My question:

Will there be a spike or drop in Dell orders tonight?

Although Microsoft claims Vista is ready for prime time, many skeptical consumers (perhaps those with past experience of other Microsoft product launches) may wait to see all the kinks worked out before jumping at the chance to use the company’s latest operating system. Earlier this month, Purdue University explained that it will be waiting around six months (if not longer) before upgrading its thousands of computers.

The maturing PC market with slowing growth and slashed prices does need something to get people excited about new computers. Of course, for those just getting settled with Windows XP after five years (the growing baby boomer generation, as an example), “excited” may not be the right word.

So who here will be the innovator / early adopter vs. the follower? For me, at least, it may take a few months.

  • james swain

    FYI – You can access that Wall Street Journal article for free with a Netpass:

    also news:

  • mongo

    I have word from my contacts at Dell that they won’t be offering Vista until Feb 7th, and at that time they will offer it AND XP as options during configuration.

  • Joe

    Well, just like I waited over a year before buying Windows XP I’m going to have to wait at least a year before buying Windows Vista. I can’t remember how many pieces of hardware quit working and would not work with Windows XP for a long time when it first came out. This is unacceptable in an office as well as my home. If I can’t play World of warcraft because I just installed Windows Vista there’s going to be hell to pay.

  • Costco Online started selling Vista PC-s from Dell, Toshiba and HP today.

  • Jim

    Just checked the site, it’s live and vista pcs are shipping 2/2!