Online Backup Revisited: Mozy Strikes Back with Unlimited Backups

Mozy2 Backing up your computer is never something you want to worry about it; you wish it would just happen. With that perspective, I previously reviewed two online backup services: Mozy and Carbonite. Mozy had more customization options while Carbonite had a slicker interface and offered unlimited backups.

But Mozy’s back with the release of Mozy Unlimited, and the company today has impressed even Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal. It’s the little things that seem to make the difference, such as the option to have all your files sent to you on DVD or Mozy keeping multiple versions of your files for 30 days (Carbonite doesn’t have the DVD option and only keeps the latest version of any file).

In fact, here’s a chart that sums up nicely what Mozy offers when compared to the competition. Keep in mind that this is straight from the company’s website, though both Walt and I refer to these bonus features in our respective reviews:


So if you’re looking for quality online backups, Carbonite does have a 15-day free trial, but Mozy has a completely free version of it’s backup software with a backup limit of two gigabytes (though that’s often enough for many users). For more details, check out my initial reviews:

Review of Mozy: Free Online Backup

Review of Carbonite: Online PC Backup Made Easy

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