Poll: What would make you switch from Netflix to Blockbuster?

Netflix_3NetflixorblockbusterSo Blockbuster released a holiday promotion yesterday that will let Netflix subscribers rent Blockbuster movies for free. The reaction to the offer is, of course, mixed. Some seem to hate Blockbuster with a passion while others point out Netflix has its own issues (especially when you are a frequent user). How can we know what to do in a case like this?

I thought we could settle this once and for all using my favorite imperfect method: the poll! Question: I would switch from Netflix to Blockbuster IF:

I would switch from Netflix to Blockbuster IF:
I get free movie rentals at any Blockbuster store by turning in Netflix tear-off flaps.
I get free movie rentals through Blockbuster online by mailing in my Netflix tear-off flaps.
There is nothing Blockbuster can do; I will not make the switch.
I already use Blockbuster and find it has more value.
I switch between the two companies for various reasons.
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