Wii Workout Poll Results: Americans vs. Non-Americans

Wii2This is part 3 of what I’ve decided to call the “Will Workout Series.” Part 1 was discussing how the new Nintendo Wii is causing aching backs and sore shoulders (among other things) across America. Part 2 was a poll to determine if it was just Americans or if others are experiencing this phenomenon. And part 3… The results of the poll!

The poll is still open for anyone interested, but the results I’ll analyze and discuss here are from the first 300 votes. To recap, the question was “If you own a Nintendo Wii, how much of a workout is it for you?” Here are the results (followed by commentary below):


So approximately 69% of voters were American whereas the remaining 31% were not American. Analyzing the two groups independently of each other, here’s what we get:


Highest Vote – Approx. 41% of Americans said “I have woken up with sore muscles from playing the Wii the night before.”

Lowest Vote – Only 12% of Americans said “This is such a good workout; if I had a gym membership I’d cancel!”


Highest Vote – Approx. 33% of those not American said “This is such a good workout; if I had a gym membership I’d cancel!”

Lowest Vote
– Only 16% of those not American said “I have woken up with sore muscles from playing the Wii the night before.”

Interesting how the lowest and highest votes for Americans vs. Non-Americans is exactly opposite. Here’s my wild speculation: Both agree that the Wii is at least some sort of workout. But Americans favoring the response of “sore muscles” just might illustrate that they aren’t used to workouts in general whereas those who are not American know a good workout when they see one, even if it’s just there to replace or supplement what they may already be doing (hence, not as much muscle soreness).

Again, no one take this too seriously. It comes with all your standard disclaimers of not necessarily being accurate, etc. But still, what else do you think the difference could be (if there is one)?

  • Perhaps there just aren’t that many people outside America that have a Wii to play at home. In Europe it’s mostly people who imported, journalists and developers who were given one for work: not exactly a wide-ranging demographic.

    Maybe you should run the poll again a week after December 8th.

  • Magi

    I think that this would be a lot more accurate if you waited until AFTER the console release in other countries. Right now this only reflects those who imported the console, which is a minority.

  • Bob Caswell

    Right. Well, it’s still interesting that nearly a third of voters are not American despite the circumstances. Do you think these non-Americans are not representative of the population? It’s just that I wouldn’t be surprised if not much changes with more votes… But perhaps we should run the poll again.

  • I thought it might be not representative of the setting. I’m sure the majority of current Wii players in Europe is going to be journalists and developers. Someone playing at work is going to be more self-conscious about thrashing their arms around for hours on end compared to someone playing at home.

    At home you can flop on a sofa when tired, take a 20 min snack break and then fire up Wii sports again. You also have the encouragement (or competition) of friends. That’s a perfect recipe for mild muscle strain. I fully expect the non-American sore-muscle and sweat-breaking contingent to be much higher if you run it again in 3 weeks time.

  • Chandler

    A majority of Americans have issues with diet and exercies, numerous studies have shown this so even if this poll were taken after the worldwide release of the Wii it is unlikely the poll will show major changes.

    The Wii, even after a few hours, would be no different to a light-medium (depending on how enthused you are) workout at a gym, so a person in general good shape won’t suffer any pains or sore muscles.

  • Anonymous

    The workout from a Wii shouldn’t be compared to a gym.
    Someone who already has a Wii is probably a gamer, and will devote hours of time to playing it.
    Sure, a light workout at a gym can be compared to playing for an hour or so, but when you take into account that a hardcore gamer will play between 5 and 10 hours in a single sitting you will see why it can become a rigorous workout.
    Try lifting a small weight constantly for 10 hours, it sounds easier than it is.
    The entire poll should have been released around March so that gamers get out of the phase that they must spend every dire moment playing it and realize its just another game they can play an hour or so and leave be, then you would see that nobody really gets a workout from it, not even a sweat.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is forgetting Canada when they say only imports are the other results. I’m Canadian and would have voted I woke up with sore muscles.

  • HMM

    I think the hidden agenda behind this poll is simple. Americans are fat, lazy, and just basically don’t do good things for themselves as a whole…this leads to Americans don’t do any good for anyone as a whole. It is highly biased. Especially since just as many, if not, more people are overweight and under exercised in most parts of the euros and asias. Why would other countries be pushing this subject if not to try and look for flaws, then gloat about them. That is an immediate prelude to ‘we are better than you because of this’…so who really is saying they are better than the other all the time? Americans? or other countries? I think the truth shows itself. And for all of those people who think America has no culture, you are insane. America is made up of people from all over the globe…can you say that much about most other countries? America has higher ratio’s of diversity in citizens and origin than any other country.

    I agree about the Wii workout, it is ridiculous. sure it might be ok for an hour or so of gaming, but ALOT of gamers play much more than that. If people wanted a workout, then they would work out. I have a feeling the nintendo Wii controller won’t be around too much longer. they tried an approach like this back in the beginning of nintendo, with all type of gadgets that require excessive physical movement to play a game. funny how we don’t see them anymore. repetitive movements aren’t exactly too great for long workouts either. it is like the same thing as going to a fitness club, and only benchlifting the whole time every time. Nintendo knew that they couldn’t afford ably match or top PS3 and XBOX360…so they tried to innovate. They wanted to make the systems set apart from everyone else. and they did a good job, because nintendo wii is the lowest selling console on the market (and i mean quantity, not price). Simply put: they failed before they even started, because they tried to push a product on us that failed over a decade ago because of the same thing.

  • kristophe

    basically we are saying americans are fat


    “If people wanted a workout, then they would work out.”

    NO NO and nO – people don’t just workout because they want to, nobody wants to be fat, then again they have no drive to go to a gym, pay a fee, be embarassed lifting weights, not know how to do it, seeing fitter people there, it will put them off… Now if people can play a video game in their home and have SOME fitness, then that’s great. Wii sports will exercise muscles and you will lose weight in conjuction with eating properly, doing the actions like in Wii tennis would build an athletic body, the muscles are sore because they’re being worked, working muscles = toning, just eat correctly.

  • Synergi

    ”Simply put: they failed before they even started, because they tried to push a product on us that failed over a decade ago because of the same thing.”

    Not sure what newspaper you’ve been reading, but Nintendo’s little underdog is not the one on the bottom of the lists of consoles you listed. PS3 WISHED they had numbers that good.

  • foo

    HMM your a twat.

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