Amazon Now Sells Groceries

Amazon has decided that selling everything but food isn’t good enough. Thus, nonperishable food items will now be available at Amazon’s Grocery beta site (is it just me, or is “beta” rather a cliche phrase nowadays?). Check out the site here. Your favorite staples ranging from popcorn to organic granola? are available. Explained in a disclaimer of sorts on the site, Amazon claims it doesn’t currently offer perishable items because “we can’t ship these for free.” But, for now, all nonperishable orders are treated like any other Amazon orders. Any purchase over $25 includes free shipping.

  • I admit I’m pretty lazy. But if I ever get so lazy that I start ordering food from, rather than driving 5 minutes to the grocery store; I’d prefer to just shoot myself in the foot.

  • Bob C.

    The other problem is that those of us who are lazy enough to order food online are probably not the same as those of us who are patient enough to wait a few days for food…