Google Browser Sync, Torpark & USB Drive Combined

Labs_logo_1Google recently released Google Browser Sync, an extension designed specifically for Firefox which allows your bookmarks, cookies, history, and passwords to be synchronized across multiple computers. Basically, it keeps all your browser information on a Google server. Each time you load Firefox, it syncs with the online version of your settings. This way, if you browse the Internet from multiple computers, your bookmarks, etc. move with you.

Torpark is an Internet browser that combines Portable Firefox (the browser Firefox, designed to run from a USB drive) and Tor (an anonymous Internet communication system). In short, it makes it such that you can browse the Internet anonymously from your USB drive on any computer (and allows you to bypass content filters, etc.). The browser being used is loaded on the USB drive and Tor reroutes your Internet traffic through a network of virtual tunnels making it untraceable back to you. It’s great if you’re concerned about privacy, especially when using a public computer. Also, if you have saved passwords or other personal data, it’s all stored on the USB drive and not on the public computer.

And when configuring Google Browser Sync, you obviously do not want to set it up on a public computer (meaning, no matter how convenient, you don’t want to log into your Google account and sync all your personal information such as passwords, cookies, bookmarks, etc. with the public computer you happen to be using).

BUT, if you use Torpark (found here and simple to install, just click on the file and unzip it to your USB drive, then run the Torpark executable file), and then install Google Browser Sync (found here), it installs to the Torpark browser found on your USB drive and not to the browser on the computer you are using. For all intents and purposes, Google Browser Sync considers your USB flash drive another computer.

It’s that easy; I’ve already tried it, and it works! So there you have it, a free way to maximize your Internet browsing through convenience (synced bookmarks, etc.), privacy (Tor data reroutes), security (Google uses encryption when syncing your passwords and then your passwords are stored on the USB drive, not the computer), and portability (USB browser from any computer).

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